Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

i want to remember this day forever

i really don't know what's gonna happen later. do we still standing n holding as strong as today? or maybe getting stronger? or maybe we might just a different entity who live with only the memories? i just don't know. we just don't know. but i always want to remember that day. i want to keep the feeling. it was the best one! it's even better than any other day. it's better than my graduation day, and my engagement day. this entry to recall and to keep the feelings..

we didn't wear any marvelous dress that day. we didn't go to any expensive place. we didn't do anything special on that day. we just be there, together. happy.

maybe it just me. who had this feeling.

all of us were there, together. we were having a good time. oh not good, but GREAT.

tak cukup aku bersyukur untuk hari itu.
terlalu indah.

terima kasih Allah.

now they know why.

lucky i am. to meet this beautiful family. to be in the family.

no such word to describe how beautiful they are..

terima kasih mama.
terima kasih abah.
terima kasih mama.
terima kasih baba.
terima kasih kaklong.
terima kasih along.
terima kasih angah.
terima kasih kakngah.
terima kasih kakyang.
terima kasih pejal.
terima kasih abgchik.
terima kasih adik.
terima kasih anak-anak.
terima kasih chenta.

i love each and everyone of you, more than you know.

abah's 60th birthday celebration




terima kasih ya Allah.

terima kasih.

Monday, February 7, 2011

tak malu tapi mahu

walaupun tak suka, jangan lah mencemuh. kita bangsa ada adab. kalau pun tak mahu berterima kasih. diam sudah. sebagai ingatan untuk diri sendiri.