Monday, March 1, 2010

i dun mean..

my dear
i really dun mean to cheat on you
but i have to confess..
it might hurt you so much
i am so sorry

i fall in love with him
again and again
every time i see him
my heart beats damn fast
when he's around
i can't see anything but him
i can't hear anything but him

my dear
i love you so much
i really do
i can't live without you

i just need to be honest with you
falling in love doesn't mean i have to live with him, right?
he is just too adorable
he is just too handsome
he is just too smart

oh my dear batman,
i'm so in love with caldina.

nak satu peeliisss.... '-'


jamal said...

ceh! ingat curang apa tah!

Qis said...

Am in love-hate relationship with my Turtle Dude jugak... but I cant let go besi buruk bergerak tu... am sooo proud of it! ;P

~nasrah~ said...

macam curang dgn orang tak?

amir said...

ceh...ingat kan ape td?hurmm..on your dream la my dear caldina..;)

~nasrah~ said...

hehehe..cuak tak?
alaa..nak satu peeliiss..