Thursday, September 24, 2009

the day they become as one

With all my heart, i said my grateful to Allah n a big big congratulationss to a man that i called bestest friend n greatest brother 4 his big day becoming a husband. The kindness, the care, the help, the sacrifice, the joy moments, the thingss that u'd taught could only be repay by HIM. This is one of it.

Congratulations to Mohamad Hafiz n Nurul 'Asyikin.

p/s: tgh tggu pic dr nurin utk dicuri n ditempek di sini.hehe..cpt la gumok! trhegeh2..

*updated with pic.*


Life said...

hahaha.. wei, ak x capture byk. kna anta juen ke airport ritu. hahaha... so nnt yer.. :P

~nasrah~ said...

terhegeh2..mintak kt bj ngn syikin pon terhegeh2 gak..adui..