Thursday, March 19, 2009

The One & Only

I lay down
I sit
I drive - I think
well, I guess I'm just thinking too much, maybe.

no one knows, no one will.
we planned everything perfectly in our own ways
we do, we hope, we pray.

nothing is better than HIS plans for us.

just do your best.
Allah will take care the rest.

we are just like any other normal person.
who want to be happy, to live happily.

it is not in her actual plan to be married with someone's husband.
it is not in his actual plan to leave the kids and wife that soon and die.
it is not in their actual plan to break their legs and never walk again after the accident.
it is never in our plan too.
we don't want that - and more, in a very long list.

but - we never know.

don't be so proud with what u have now - grateful is should.
because it's not yours - it's lend to you.
everything is temporarily basis.

trust to the one & only God - Allah.
kalau rasa2 rancangan kita dah cukup bagus,
rancangan DIA lagi hebat!


Qis said...

HEBAT, WOW dan YAY!!!!!!!!!! KAULAH CIKGU KEHIDUPAN FAVRET AKU!!!!!! SO GLAD OUR PATH CROSSED. we share the same thing, thanks for keep reminding.

jamal said...

yo, aku ada di kl skg, bsok balik... ekekeke.. neymun da abis. hehehhe...

~nasrah~ said...

qistin : you are the same for me!!

jamal: mai la kedah wei..