Monday, March 23, 2009

Different View

I see from the view from a bit higher level
I see the eyes of hope, passion and pure

I see the spirit of the old one
to keep going
to hold and push them high
to carry a large 'amanah'

It might be nothing
but this is something for me to remember this feeling
- the first time

I am a teacher!


eksp said...

selamat masuk sekolah la arinih nasrah...

eh jap... ke semalam?


nasrah said...


thanks. (",)

jamal said...

masuk sekolah?

~nasrah~ said...

PBS la beb. ko xyah.

marfuza said...

yeay.. slamat dtg ke alam sekolah.. semoga ko tak dibuli.. tp adat la.. cekgu praktikal confirm kena gak.. aku dah rasa babe!!