Sunday, March 8, 2009


to maz: pinjam title blog eh.. tp ko patut tukar title blog ko dah. kih kih

can it tell about me?
my writting dun really show my appearance.
and vice versa.

by reading it, dun consider urself know me well.
u maybe know i am alive. (coz i'm still updating it)
but it's NOT consider u're 'contacting' with me.
u just want to know how and what am i doing, mungkin.

a lot i'd been reading,
before have it one of my own.

ini mungkin cara aku berfikir.
cara aku bertindak, tak semestinya.
aku tak pernah kata cara itu betul.
this is the deep me.

1 comment:

maz said...

ahhh...bak royalty....bak bak..