Friday, February 6, 2009

Like the Flowing River

Be like the flowing river,
Silent in the night.
Be not afraid of the dark.
If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember, clouds, like the river, are water,
So, gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths.

Manuel Bandeira

from Paulo Coelho (Like the Flowing River)


Thanks to Qistin for sharing this book.

Happy Birthday to you bebeh!!
I pray for your happiness, good health, jadi engineer cum penggubah hantaran yang berjaya!
hehehe..*big hug*


Qis said...
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Qis said...

thanks a lot!!! and for how we've fed each other's soul all this while.

ni aku dpt smwhere...

"if ever the day comes
and you find a better friend than me
just remember that what i gave to you
is the best of what i have
and what i am to you
is the best that i can only be"

aku tau hang akan suka. love you lot!

~nasrah~ said...

aku suka!!
tapi aku rasa sapa yg tulis tu tulis lepas dgq aku cakap. hahaha..