Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

1 Jan 2009

new year.
new step.
new life.
new place.

physically, i'm leaving.
the place where i found
independence life, survival life, great friendships, love life *wink*,
away from family, away from home.

in my heart, i'm still here.
KL hectic life! i gonna miss the good drivers & jammed (errk..)
midnight movies, big shopping complexs, nice scenes with all the lights,
mapley, hartamas, burger kl gate, blkg pasar, pelita ss2, bla bla bla..

hey my dearest friends,
thank you for making my life great!
asasians rawk, 5th aricha, um sempoi,
housemate2 ku yang kenal suma artis..hehe..korg sgt baik n best..
my crazee fellas in ibm..
kepompong guys..

i luv each and everyone of u.
termasuk yg menganggap aku rival..hehe..
i'm so sorry for all my wrong doings.
let's jom start this year with new great heart. =)

i already miss everyone, everything.

aku sedih ok! ye aku pon hati kuntum..ciss..


cepotet said...

gonna miss u dear. kalau turun KL bitau eh. umah TTDi mungkin boleh ditumpang. hikhik. pepandai je padahal bukan sewa sana dah skrg. hahahaha. :p

take care tau. kalau ade anything to share or if you need a shoulder to cry on, just let me noe k? i'll always be there for ya. :*

syigha said...

i'm very proud of u dear
wish u stayed longer the other day, but anyhow c u during thn baru cina and we'll have a blast!

eksp said...

hepi new year aku ucapkan.... ^^

maz said...

sape lg yg hati kuntum tu weh..?ngeh ngeh ngeh...

~nasrah~ said...

erni: thanks alot.. =)

syigha: weh..i really appreciate the support. *hug*

hilmi : hepi new yr..

maz: sape lg... lu aa..hati kuntum. hahaha..