Friday, January 16, 2009

be careful with what you wish for

i wish i can be invisible
i wish i can read others' mind and feel their hearts
i wish i am away, i mean really away
i wish i can be there
i wish it just disappear
i wish no one care to read this


bulanbintang said...

be careful with wat u wish :

i wish i can read others' mind and feel their hearts.. If Allah granted ur wish dat u can read people mind believe me dat u will be hurt.. hurt more than wut u feel rite now. hurt when knowing that everyday people tell lies.. hurt when get to know something that we supposed not to know it.. ouch..

~nasrah~ said...

thank you bulanbintang.

dun worry. i never want any of those for real. it's just a one second thought. (mungkin pengaruh tv sbb baru lepas tgk cite heroes..hihi).

and i totally agree with you. Allah always know the best.

s.u.e.r.i.e said...

be careful with wht u wish for, coz u just might get it all and some that u dont want.. damn, i love Daughtryyyyy!!

~nasrah~ said...

daughtry? ape kaitan ? ko wish ko dpt dia ke? jgn dowh..hahaha