Sunday, December 14, 2008


i'm counting the days
nothing to do with what those lucky girls are waiting,
yes, i call this year & next year as mating year - tahun mengawan.
but i'm counting for the new year - 1430H.
i have new resolution
with a new high hope.

dun put too much hope or too high hope,
afraid you will fall and hurt so much.

as my dear friend qistin told me today,
if you fall from level 3 you will feel the pain,
if you fall from level 10 you will also feel the pain.
why not just be at the highest level..
nothing to loose anyway.
yeah, why not being at the best level in your life.

hey you who said that to me,
you know that every night i being grateful,
because Allah has sent you to me at the perfect time.
you really inspired me, and help me to raise up again.

1 comment:

Qis said...

LOVE you too... thanks... it's good to have each other to listen... and you've influenced my life just as much...!!