Tuesday, November 18, 2008

temporarily basis

it's nothing to do with job.
it's about life.

every single thing in this wonderful life is only temporarily basis.
sad or sorrow will never last forever.
Allah has promised us, at the end of every sadness, there's light of happiness.
have you heard of this "jangan gelak byk sgt, takut nanti menangis plak"
it's just a reminder, happiness also won't remain forever.
same goes with the beauty, the wealth, the career, the knowlegde,
the love, the honesty, the pain, the confusing, the parents, the kids,
the friends, the 'iman' and even the life.

Allah only lend those to us, not to be kept but the care and to test.

life is short. enjoy it? what about those bekalan for akhirat?
akhirat is forever.
it's ok to go through the hardness in this temporarily world.
be really grateful for every goodness that you have here.

may we live there happily ever after.



eksp said...

oih.. apa kasi jawapan pemalas kat anak ko nih...
nanti ko tanya dia dah siap keje sekolah ke belum, dia cakap, "check Yahoo!"


~nasrah~ said...

ko post komen salah entri la..hehe

Qis said...

hahahhaha... aku baru ja nak komen entri hang ni... skali baca komen kawan hang kat atas tu, trus gelak gila... spoil la...

~nasrah~ said...

tu hilmi mabuk bg komen..haha..