Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mission Confession : Ke Hadapan Bintang Yang Jatuh

(This is on behalf of Ms Wani Ardy)

I am making a short film-documentary-music video titled Ke Hadapan Bintang Jatuh which is about people who are secretly in love. It would be my personal tribute to these unsung heroes.To make this project a reality and share the outcome with all of you. I need a collage of confessions.Please support by sending in your videos/voive recordings about the person you are secretly in love with.

Every recording shall not exceed one and a half minute and every confession must be ended with "Ke Hadapan Bintang Jatuh, (your message to him/her)". You can go anonymous. It's up to you.

For further details, please click here: http://senikatawati.blogspot.com

Kindly send your confession to:


Wani Ardy said...

terima kasih. :)

~nasrah~ said...

no problem..tp xde cite nk join la..hihi